Impact of Today’s Supreme Court Ruling on Healthcare Reform

Impact of Today’s Supreme Court Ruling on Healthcare Reform

As you may have heard, the Supreme Court ruled this morning (June 28, 2012) that the federal government cannot require individuals to buy insurance under the commerce clause but they can tax individuals who choose to go without insurance, under Congress’ taxing authority.

So the bottom line? The Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, with a few modifications such as details about a proposed expansion of Medicaid benefits (government-sponsored health coverage for low-income individuals).

Here’s a brief summary of what today’s decision means to you:

  • The Supreme Court’s ruling will not have any immediate impact on our medical benefits or eligibility rules.
  • As always, we’ll announce any other benefit changes during open enrollment, with changes effective the first of the year.
  • We won’t make any midyear changes.
  • We’ve already implemented many of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions and we’re closely and carefully evaluating the implications of the law—and the Supreme Court ruling—on the design of future plan benefits.

We’ll keep you informed about any changes that impact your benefits!

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