DMBA nabs top ranking in 2012 consumer satisfaction survey of Utah health plans

DMBA nabs top ranking in 2012 consumer satisfaction survey of Utah health plans

We’re pleased to report DMBA ranked #1 in six out of eight categories and #2 in the other categories in the State of Utah’s 2012 Consumer Satisfaction Survey! We strive every day to be the best-of-class benefits administrator our participants deserve, so we’re exceptionally proud to know we were ranked #1 in overall health-plan satisfaction. We scored almost 20 points higher than the next closest health plan!

The Utah Health Data Committee released the report that measures how satisfied each health plan’s own members are with the care they received during the past year. The data comes from an annual survey called the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Health Plan Survey.

The survey vendor selected a random sample from each health plan’s enrollment database. Selected participants were mailed a survey in February of 2012 and sent a reminder if they did not return the survey within two weeks. Follow-up phone calls with participants who did not return a survey were conducted in April of 2012. Utah’a averages are calculated using the health plans that participated in the survey.

CAHPS asks questions about the healthcare a participant receives, including:

  • Health-plan ratings
  • Healthcare ratings
  • Doctor ratings
  • Specialist ratings
  • Getting care quickly
  • Getting needed care
  • Doctor communication
  • Customer service

The rankings of the companies that participated in the survey are listed below. For more detailed information you may go directly to the state website at

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